Acme Works

The first tenant at 229 Niagara Street was a company called ACME Textiles. Today, Acme Works has transformed this former industrial space into a contemporary and industrious one, where ideas and success can flourish in a spirit of collaboration.

Popular lore has it that ACME is actually an acronym for A Company that Makes Everything so it’s only fitting that we welcome entrepreneurs, creatives, and professionals of all disciplines under the ACME roof.

Acme Works is a proud member of the growing global coworking movement, and we share the belief that productivity and creativity are enhanced by collaboration with other likeminded individuals.

In addition to the supportive work environment, ACME members will enjoy access to our network of experts, including lawyers, accountants, marketers, and senior executives available for consultation on an hourly basis. ACME members also receive online access to our library of publications including the Harvard Business Review, Marketing Magazine, and other relevant subscriptions. Our staff are on site Monday to Friday to help members succeed in their new home at Acme Works.

Our Space

Our building at 229 Niagara Street was built in the early 1900’s, and served as an industrial space (ACME Textiles) which was eventually transformed into a traditional office environment until it recently emerged to host the new Acme Works coworking space.

The 2013 renovation has breathed new life into the 8,600 sq. ft. space, creating a fresh and functional collaborative environment with a modern spin on industrial-luxe interior design.

A repurposed Victorian vestibule creates a meeting room wall, antique leaded windows pull light into the work spaces, and the former loading dock has been reimagined as a bright lounge area with a floor clad in pine reclaimed from a storm-damaged forest.

Feature walls are finished in black ash rescued from demolished buildings, and the original terrazzo floor has been restored in our reception area. A combination of original open wood and corrugated steel ceilings, and metal railings in the loading dock reflect the building’s industrial heritage.

ACME members will also appreciate the latest in HON® contemporary and ergonomic office furnishings throughout.

Lighting is a critical element to the success of any workspace, so we worked with ALD Architectural Lighting Design to develop our lighting plan.

Windows were added to maximize natural light, and we employed layered lighting, including plenty of pendant lights to enhance the work space.

Our open kitchen includes a convenient island surrounded by vintage stainless steel stools and café tables, where members can grab a coffee, enjoy lunch, or even have an informal meeting.

Two of our three meeting rooms can accommodate eight and our third meeting room can accommodate up to ten. Each meeting room includes a designated flatscreen for impressive presentations. Naturally we have robust high-speed wireless access throughout (wired access in the meeting rooms and private offices) and a workhorse multipurpose HP photocopier/fax/scanner/printer at the ready.

The loading dock lounge is a great space for an informal meeting, to catch up on the news or to dive into a good book or some research. There’s a charging station for mobile devices, and even two phone booths to provide privacy for important calls, or for changing into a superhero costume!

At Acme Works, members can work when they need, or want to. We know eureka moments can’t be scripted, and sometimes 9 to 5 stretches well into the evening, so we enable 24 hour secured access. Our space is monitored by video cameras to create the safest environment for all, and we provide lockers for ultimate flexibility and convenience.