OCAD Imagination Catalyst

Our doors are open to support the OCAD U and local communities with questions about starting a business or venture. If you are considering starting an enterprise of any size or type, consider making us your first stop. We also currently offer the following:

A one-year, experiential entrepreneurship program and incubator called Take It to Market;
Seminars, lectures and entrepreneurship-oriented events that are open to the OCAD U and local communities; 
andGuest-lecture support to any OCAD U faculty members looking to include entrepreneurship or commercialization in their course offerings.

The Take-It-to-Market program is our marquee offering.It is an intensive program designed to help those ready to launch their enterprise or commercialize their research within the year. Participants compete to be accepted into the program. If accepted, they commit to working on their venture intensively for up to one year. Participants are provided with work space plus relevant business education, skills training, one-on-one personal and business development coaching and, most importantly, access to an experienced, accredited pool of investors and advisers, who can provide further support, guidance and access to venture funding. We also offer access to OCAD U studios for prototyping, legal formation and IP/patent process assistance, plus extended student benefits during the Imagination Catalyst year.Participants are supported by our experienced Entrepreneur-in-Residence and expert mentor team.